Covid Conversations

By Jude Rutherford

I consult as Research Director for an exceptionally talented Brand Agency, Culture & Theory. Lucky me. We are contributing to a global initiative called Not Every Day. The goal is to get researcher-types from all around the globe to have conversations with people about their lives in these COVID-19 times. Notes from these conversations are submitted to a central portal that all contributors can access. We are hoping to be able to bring you some interesting stories about the Kiwi perspective versus those of people in other countries. Keep an eye out for that.

I kicked off the conversations today. It was awesome hearing people’s stories, but by the end of the day I felt a bit glum. I think the conversations really bought home what I have been missing. The vibrancy of human connection. We are doing fine in our bubble, but I miss people.

A few thoughts from today’s conversations. Supermarkets visits are “awful”, “judgey”, “sterile”. Maybe it’ just my supermarket, but I reckon they should play some music! We are over “Zoom” meetings….talking on the phone feels so much closer! ( is this an older person thing?) We are getting to know the people we live with a whole lot better…wonder what the impact of that will be? Just because young kids are good at games online, doesn’t mean that they can write a story online. Playing schoolteacher is a “nightmare” on so many levels. Working from home brings a new flex to the life of those with no kids. Will these people ever want to go back to 9-5?

No answers, but good questions. Enjoy your long weekend!