Breathing life into payment

We all know the pain of splitting bills and making payments to friends and family. Westpac subsidiary Red Bird came to us to develop a brand for category-first person-to-person app, BUCK, which eliminates the inconvenience of figuring out amounts, awkward requests and manual inputting of digits and instead enables people to make direct payments to one another with a couple of taps and swipes.


Banking & Finance, Technology, Lifestyle

Brand Positioning, Brand Story, Brand Naming, Tone of Voice, Visual Identity Systems, Brand Toolkits & Guidelines, Web, Social Content, Film, Photography & Animation Production,

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Smoothing the way

Key for us was to create a brand and identity that was bold and a bit maverick – we wanted to breathe some life into the payment task by creating a rich, distinctive brand that would cut-through for a younger, more dynamic audience – a brand that smooths the way for quick and seamless payments.

BUCK at the centre

We created a brand story with a name and DNA that heroed a unique character and tone of voice, supported by an expression and visual identity system that brought BUCK to life. Confident and straight-talking, Buck tells it like it is, injecting some banter into an otherwise boring or uncomfortable money moment. Because life’s too short for awkward; it’s Buck’s job to make sure we’ve made good, so we’re all good.