Experience a Force of Nature

Voyage is a premium spring water from Te Waihou, the Blue Spring. An exceptional product of the land, it inspired us to create a brand that told the story of the water’s journey, from its beginnings as rain hitting the Mamaku plateau to its reemergence in the spring 56 years later.

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A Force of Nature

We wanted the brand to connect drinkers more closely with, and to savour, the forces that shape our natural environment and which enable the country to produce water of unparalleled quality. At the heart of Voyage is this notion of discovery, and a brand language inspired by New Zealand’s dramatic land, formed over millions of years through the forces and quirks of nature.

Its name, Voyage, reflects the water’s elemental journey through the unique geology and natural environment of New Zealand’s breathtakingly rugged landscape. Originating as rain, it then seeps into volcanic ignimbrite rock, absorbing minerals and filtering out impurities before emerging in Te Waihou, 99% pure.

Our wordmark, inspired by the rugged land and mountainous terrain, has formed within it a symbol crafted to represent discovery in its simplest form. Elemental yet elegant and refined, this sets up a cohesive design language for the brand’s wider expression.

Our creative needed to continue the story of origin; it also needed to fit sympathetically in a premium dining setting, alongside exceptional food and wine. Voyage’s bottle has a distinctive shape and well balanced proportions, able to be held comfortably in one hand for a polished pour.

Our packaging draws on the visual tradition of cartology to lead us to the water’s source, found within the contour lines and coordinates that depict the striking terrain surrounding the Blue Spring. The map gives us a powerful visual language that helps us to speak to the notion of discovery, and the shape and nature of the land.

A wider suite of launch collateral enabled us to create and deliver a richer Voyage experience, with rough cut stone plinths and photography that represented the true forces of nature at work.

To tell the story of Voyage and build out its visual world, we created a suite of imagery that captures land at its most elemental; powerful, and untouched by humans. From rugged mountain ranges through to textural imagery showcasing the intrinsic energy of water, the key was to highlight a unique journey and environment through raw, unvarnished scenes and imagery.