Opening up the Elite Mindset

The Institute of Golf (IOG) is a platform that empowers players and coaches with knowledge and insight to improve their game — using the power of data to deliver best-in-class tailored direction. We created a digital-first identity inspired by a golfer’s constant pursuit of improvement.

Institute of Golf


Brand Positioning, Brand Architecture, Visual Identity Systems, Brand Toolkits & Guidelines, Web,

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The elite mindset

At the core of our identity is our symbol, a representation of focus and clarity, which informs the extended graphic language system.

Based on three stages – insight, focus and progress — this graphic system distills the idea of ‘The Elite Mindset’ into simple representations of the player’s mental game.

This helped deliver an intelligent, consistent brand experience through the platform and wider brand touchpoints.

Engaging intelligence

Our brand elements were designed to enhance the user experience and breathe life into the complex data visualised within the platform. This delivered an intelligent, consistent brand experience through all facets of the platform and wider brand touchpoints.

Elite precision

Built around the idea of 'Opening up the Elite Mindset', our mark, typography and art direction are considered and precise, capturing the mood of high-performance golf and the technical approach demanded of play at the highest level. Using functional and engineered forms, we crafted assets to help reinforce the principles of clarity and precision.

To support our graphic system, we created a bespoke display typeface to hero key milestones through a golfer’s journey of progress and improvement.

The identity extends into a sub-brand system to accommodate IOG’s wider offering: Coaching, Consult and Governance in a clear monolithic structure.