Pure Air Performance

We worked collaboratively with Lanaco, New Zealand’s leading natural filtration company, to create a refined story and system for their brand. Lanaco’s move toward innovation and global partnerships is part of their vision for helping the world breathe the cleanest air. With this in mind, our approach was to develop a brand that would both inspire and provide confidence.


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Lanaco exists in a large dirty world with large global-based competitors. This is a world where potential customers either can’t understand how wool fits in or they simply don’t believe it.

We fundamentally needed to shift from a story of wool to a story of performance standards, because what customers need is a product that meets specific technical requirements.

We created a brand for Lanaco that combined the best of nature with the best of science to produce the world’s best performing air filter. We created a brand that promised air to be breathed as nature intended it.

To reflect this shift, the brand’s tone, language and art direction all work to elevate wool’s benefits by showcasing its purity, technical and functional qualities.

The brand wordmark and symbol is inspired by the scientific properties of wool fibre, capturing Lanaco’s ambitious and pioneering spirit.

Photography is a focus on the benefit — featuring provenance and people. Reduction demonstrated here shows the high country our Astino sheep are bred; instead of the animals themselves. Paired with imagery of textural renders and exploded views give context to our active ingredient and demonstrate the products high-performing and adaptive qualities.