Waging A War On Ugly

We have global leaders with ugly beliefs, heroes of the young with ugly behaviours, businesses operating ugly practices and we consume products containing ugly ingredients. But globally we’re waking up. This insight lies at the heart of NO UGLY - an ambitious new wellness brand with a clear and powerful social purpose - to rid the world of ugly.


Food & Beverage

Purpose-driven Strategy, Brand Story, Tone of Voice, Visual Identity Systems, Communications Frameworks, Packaging,

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Our Approach

The wellness category is littered with functional products, all hanging their hat on key ingredients to set themselves apart. In a world of earnest Kombucha’s, bland Kefirs and a myriad of functional health drinks, we recognised this opportunity to disrupt this sea of sameness by building a wellness brand with a highly emotive proposition, rather than just a functional benefit.

Culture&Theory was briefed by NO UGLY to develop their purpose and bring it to life through a clear brand strategy, identity and packaging solution that was distinctive and compelling.

Visual Identity

In developing NO UGLY we borrowed from alcohol, fashion and cosmetics. These influences helped inspire a brand that is clear, considered and worthy of a courageous purpose. We created a brand and an identity that would not only stand out on shelf but inspire a cultural movement for people themselves, enabling us to punch well above our weight in every endeavour and inspire people to write about it, share it, consume it and delight in it.

Ultimately this bold and irreverant voice and attitude would permeate every aspect of the NO UGLY brand experience - from a distinctive and iconic packaging solution through to a communications framework designed to cut through the noise by poking fun at how ugly turns up in our everyday lives.

"Our brand is bold, unapologetic and most of all distinctive - a direct contrast to a category filled with safeness and sameness"
Aaron Taylor - NO UGLY Co-Founder