Unifying New Zealand's largest network of credit unions

As a key community support system, credit unions are an important part of NZ’s financial services landscape, operating with a not-for-profit mandate that means more support and resources for members.


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Research & Strategic Insights, Purpose-driven Strategy, Brand Positioning, Brand Story, Brand Naming, Tone of Voice, Visual Identity Systems, Brand Toolkits & Guidelines, Brand Books,

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We worked with NZCU, New Zealand’s biggest network of credit unions to bring them together under a single unified brand. We created a strong, focused positioning, anchored in helping everyday Kiwis, both the unbanked and the underbanked, to thrive in ways that other mainstream banks can’t or won’t. Brought together by a single-minded purpose, the Unity team feel galvanised, clear about what they do and who they do it for, and resolutely proud to be part of a business doing money differently.

A challenger brand through and through, we developed a name that spoke to the notion of ‘doing money together’ (a claim that others make but Unity can and do deliver), and a brand identity that is bold, brave and confident about what it stands for. Challenging perceptions of a closed-loop, old-fashioned or outdated category, we set up the Unity brand inside and out to be a money provider entirely in step with the needs of modern life, capturing a genuine spirit of community and fulfilling the ambitions of Kiwis, whether big or small.