The Best of Both Worlds

Todd Property Group saw the opportunity to elegantly refurbish their prime rural block into a new luxury residential community. An unspoilt piece of land situated at the very fringe of North-Auckland, its pristine green valleys rolling down to Long-Bay-Okura Marine Reserve.

Todd Property


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To prepare for sales and marketing of the development, Todd Property Group invited us to develop and reimagine the brand for a modern-luxury audience. After a site visit and carrying out marketplace research, we identified a focused customer segment – New Zealanders with international experience and perspective. We then built a brand strategy and identity that will appeal to their unique lifestyle.

The water-facing rural block occupies a vast 130 hectares, reserved for only 29 lots. We saw the opportunity for future residents to create an exceptional New Zealand lifestyle they have always dreamed of.

We created a brand positioning that is centred around a blended contemporary lifestyle that captures the best of both worlds; a balance of city and sea, amenities to serenity, connectivity and culture.

Naming the last of the best in Auckland

We needed a name that reflects a sanctuary of exceptional. The Reserve was born to reflect the favourable geographical location – next to a rich marine reserve where the best wild flora and fauna thrive, limited to just 29 lots.

The balance between the city and the sea

We built upon our key brand benefit 'The Best of Both Worlds' and developed a visual identity system based on the idea of 'A Balanced Life'. Our icon symbolises the pinnacle point of connection between the sea and the city. Our wordmark is crafted using the sans serif 'Ambit' – it embodies a sense of simplicity, modernity and premium-ness.

A new definition of premium

As New Zealand becomes more diverse, our definition of premium is also evolving. We realised that the real essence of premium and luxury for many New Zealanders today have moved on to be much more considered, progressive, simple and subtle. We ensure that our identity, photography, art direction, colours and graphic language reflect this.

Capturing the dream lifestyle

We partnered with photographer, Tom Roberton and an architectural visualisation specialist One to One Hundred to capture the lifestyle that's offered and accessible to The Reserve residents. Beautiful, sophisticated and rich visuals showing the best of both worlds.

As development works were still ongoing, we collaboratively worked on a holistic consumer experience and approached the identity development by putting digital-first. In collaboration with WildLabs, we delivered a modern and responsive website that becomes the first point of contact for interested buyers.

"Culture & Theory has developed a brand, marketing collateral and a digital campaign for The Reserve that matches the particularity and limited nature of the development. Todd wanted an approach that recognised and reflected the aspiration that the sites represent, and that was what was delivered. The significant enquiry, and a number of early sales, are testament to the effectiveness of the work.”
– Evan Davies, Managing Director, Todd Property Group

To launch the development, we planned and implemented a multi channel campaign that was highly targeted to specific audience groups. Our objective was to drive visitors to The Reserve’s website and enter the sales funnel. This campaign consisted of a mixture of print, social and display assets, each with their own specific function to drive consideration and intent. This resulted in 149,227 visits to our website within the first four months and 561 customers currently in our database.